Corning Irish
Heritage Center

Our mission is to preserve the cultural legacy of nineteenth-century Irish immigrants in Southern Indiana.


"Sponsor a Room" Program

Corning Irish Heritage Center

  1. Rock (#53)(#4.50 T) for access road and parking lot
    $10.25/ton delivered (22 ton)(Truck load): @250/truck load
  2. REMC electric bill: $35/month (basic)

Curran House

  1. Finish rewiring Curran House
  2. Sewage system
  3. Handrail for front porch
  4. Bathroom renovation for handicap accesibility
  5. Electric fireplaces (3 downstairs, 3 upstairs)
  6. Hot water inline system (2)
  7. Basement/runoff water prject
  8. Downstairs wall & staircase repairs (material only)

Celtic Hall

  1. New roof (metal)
  2. Sewage system
  3. Furnace
  4. Round tables for dinner theater
  5. Chairs (8 per table)
  6. Sound system
  7. Stage construction and decoration
  8. Lighting system
  9. Musical/theatrical/dance program costs